Frequently Asked Questions

Who is welcome at Awakenings?

Survivors, loved ones, supporters and anyone affected by sexual violence. People of all ages and genders.

Minors are welcome in our space. We require all minors to have parent/guardian permission to attend an Awakenings event. We encourage parents/guardians to have a conversation with their young person before or after being in Awakenings space in case questions or feelings come up and support is needed.

Is it free?

All of Awakenings workshops, cohorts, open studio hours and events are free to attend. Fundraisers may require an entry fee.

When are you open?

Awakenings is open during our public workshops and open studio hours. Otherwise please contact us to schedule an appointment to come in by emailing us here.

When is your next cohort cycle?

Please see up to date information on our cohorts here.

Are you a crisis center?

Awakenings is not a crisis center. We do not offer counseling, clinical services, or legal & medical advocacy. We work closely with crisis centers and therapists so that they feel confident sending their clients to our programming. We are strictly here to help survivors heal through art and to educate the public with that art. Check out our list of resources here.

Are you hiring?

See up to date information on staff positions here.

Where are you located?

4001 N. Ravenswood Ave, Suite 204-C, Second floor last door on the right. Upon arrival dial 012 to call up for entry. Check out our Visit Us page for more info.

How can I support?

Check out our Donate or Become a Sponsor page.

Can I exhibit my work with you?

We show artwork that is made in our studio space during open studio, workshops, and cohorts. We used to run a rotation of art exhibitions, but now use this time and space for community made and displayed artworks.