Donate: Support Survivors yellow feather

Awakenings Board and Staff

Survivors need your support.  

By donating to Awakenings, you are not only providing survivors with opportunities to process and heal through art,  

You are showing them that you believe in them, you are there for them, and you are taking an active role in creating a better world for them.

Every dollar raised helps Awakenings maintain our gallery, host art workshops, keep our lights on, and pay our incredible staff. We cannot do this work without your help. Join us in our mission to help survivors heal through art, and make a gift today. 

Giving levels:  

$50 – covers refreshments for an event 

$100 – covers art supplies for a workshop 

$250 – covers a workshop stipend for a teaching artist 

$500 – covers 1 month of maintaining, storing, and exhibiting survivor artwork 

$1,000 – covers the stipend of 1 survivor who participates in our cohort! 

Want to give more? Contact us about becoming a sponsor!

Where does your donation go? 70% to art programs for survivors 30% helps keep the lights on