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Summer Internships

Update 04/29

Thank you to everyone who applied for our Summer 2024 internships. We are processing your applications and will get back to applicants soon with our decisions. – Awakening Staff


Interested in getting involved? We are seeking volunteers for our events and workshops in 2024. Check out the volunteer roles below.
  • Event/Studio Support

    Help set up and close events, install and deinstall artwork or be a chat monitor for our virtual workshops.

  • In person & Virtual Event Advocate/Safe Person

    Requirement: 40-60 Hour Crisis Intervention Training, LSW, or LPC. Provide listening, emotional support, grounding techniques and resources for participants and support staff during programs 

  • In person & Virtual Brand Ambassador

    Share out Awakenings events to your communities virtually and talk in person about our mission at local community event booths.

  • Project based Role

    Interested in developing a training, short documentary, or other type of creative project to help further Awakenings mission? We are always open to talking about scope and your interests. 

Click the buttons below to see expanded role descriptions and fill out a quick form to let us know how you’re interested in participating!
Awakenings’ next Volunteer Info Session will take place in April 2024.
Info sessions happen once every quarter to onboard interested volunteers.
Awakenings Board and Staff

“The staff at Awakenings [was] welcoming and wonderful in the short time I volunteered with you. It was really what I needed in this transitional time in my life.”