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Workshops, tours, and events, unless otherwise specified, are open to all who want to support survivors and be part of a community of healing. Our space is also open for studio use (making visual, literary, performance, etc. art).

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4001 North Ravenswood Ave., Suite 204-C, Chicago, IL 60613

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Our online and an in-person exhibits contain works that depict images of sex and sexual violence. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of any child or adolescent entering the space to have an informed conversation about the topic of sex and sexual violence.  

Children are constantly exposed to sexually explicit content and sexual violence through media and social media. Avoiding all representations of sexually explicit content and content that discusses sexual violence is almost impossible. Leaving children and adolescents to engage in the content received through friends and unsupervised social media, internet, movie, and television viewing without education can lead to negative consequences such as aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares, fear of being harmed, participation in sexual acts at an earlier age, and encourage negative sexual behavior (Malamuth & Check, 1981). It can also lead to shame and stigma for victims of childhood sexual assault (RAINN, 2019).  Having informed conversations about consent and the difference between abuse and healthy expression of sex can help prevent sexual assault of minors, or mitigate extended abuse by letting children know they can report their experience to a trusted adult and will be believed (Derhally, 2019). It is important to evaluate the medium and graphic nature of the content as well as the age of the child to determine if exposure is appropriate. Before entering our virtual or physical gallery it is important  for the guardian or parent to evaluate the specific medium and content of the current exhibit, as well as the age of the child, to determine if viewing is appropriate. 

Please reach out to us at [] to receive more details based on age group, receive discussion tips or to ask questions.