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Awakened Voices Issue 9: Erasure

Awakened Voices proudly presents Issue 9 of our literary magazine: Erasure. Issue 9 delves into an exploration of reclaiming through erasure. It features works of flash fiction, fiction, vignette, poetry, and graphic/visual. 

The Nightingale

The Nightingale, Awakened Voices’ blog, posts pieces by Survivors & Allies bi-weekly in response to a monthly prompt.  Share your story with us for a chance to have your piece featured on our blog.

Me Too Monologues

Survivors share their stories in a night of healing, empowerment, and empathy. Produced in collaboration with Connective Theater Company. Donations to benefit Awakenings. September 19-21 at Awakenings. 

Submissions for Storytellers are open now. 


RECLAIM explores transformation through the regeneration of paper-works and every day objects. How can one repurpose something that no longer serves them into something entirely new? How does one break down something thrust upon them and repurpose it into something that is entirely theirs? With a focus on the individual artist’s transmutation of an object, paired with in-progress photos of the process, this exhibition explores healing through material transformation. This exhibit features a range of paper and multimedia artworks, found materials, and a participatory portion that invites gallery visitors to create redacted pages of their own. RECLAIM examines the process of taking back the objects in our lives, but also how our stories will be told and remembered.

Join the Team!

Join a team of awesome, compassionate folks who are dedicated to supporting our year round programming for Survivors! We have a need for volunteers in all areas of our work from program assistance to literary review to more specialized areas. Send us an email at the link below to find out how you can get involved today!

I have a voice. It wants to be heard. It needs to be heard. And it has a right to be heard.”

Awakenings Artist

Sharing who I am and what I have experienced brings me out of the shadows of abuse and shame, and connects me to other dreamers.

Awakenings Artist

I just need a hand to transform all the ugliness that I’ve experienced into something that can heal myself and others.

Awakenings Artist

Creating art has served as a substitute for violence, self-destruction, and insanity.

Awakenings Artist