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AWAKENED VOICES seeks submissions for our upcoming issue

Awakened Voices is the literary branch of Awakenings. Issues are published twice a year. 

We are especially excited about encouraging submissions of flash fiction, fiction, vignette, poetry and graphic/visual. 

Submissions responding to the theme are encouraged, but not required. This issue will be focusing on the theme of Reclaiming. 

Current Art Exhibit


This mixed media exhibit weaves together the striking artwork of four artists to tear away the censoring veil that so often hides survivors’ truth. 

Experience the Upheaval

June -September 2019

Current Magazine Issue

 Issue 8: Those Who Help

Cover image: Chloe Allred

Awakened Voices continues to hold a unique place in our programing for Awakenings. We hope you will welcome this issue, and these stories, into your healing and into your hearts.

The Nightingale

Call For Writers

Every month, we will share a different writing prompt for our literary blog: The Nightingale. Share your words with us for a chance to have them featured on our blog. 


Me Too Monologues

Survivors share their stories in a night of healing, empowerment, and empathy. Produced in collaboration with Connective Theater Company. Donations to benefit Awakenings. 

September 19th-21st at Awakenings.

I have a voice. It wants to be heard. It needs to be heard. And it has a right to be heard.”

Awakenings Artist

Sharing who I am and what I have experienced brings me out of the shadows of abuse and shame, and connects me to other dreamers.

Awakenings Artist

I just need a hand to transform all the ugliness that I’ve experienced into something that can heal myself and others.

Awakenings Artist

Creating art has served as a substitute for violence, self-destruction, and insanity.

Awakenings Artist