Awakenings see hear heal
We are committed to creating a physical and virtual artistic space in which to engage in an open dialogue that promotes healing of survivors through the arts and furthers awareness and understanding of sexual violence.
We do this by producing year-round art events and opportunities spanning every medium, including visual art, literature, music, theater, and performance art that are made by, for, and about survivors of sexual violence. 
One hand passes blue markers to another hand. In the background are art supplies on a table
It has given me a sense of community. I am inspired by the strength, fortitude, and creativity of survivors. I admire the voices that the art and writing exposes. Awakenings as the name suggests offers an epiphany for all survivors and allies of those who have experienced sexual trauma.”

“Awakenings showed me that I do have a voice, that I am seen, that it’s all right to show who I am without the fear of being judged. The fact that I could share myself with the world gave me great joy and I did feel empowered to continue creating starting from the place I am in right now, that there will be people who will resonate with who I am at this moment in time and that there is power and healing to be found when you get the courage to simply be yourself.”

a person's hands are creating with red yarn. In the background a person's hands are sketching on a paper pad with blue pencil
watercolor paint and brushes are on a white table. in the background, two hands apply green and yellow paint to a paint pad.
I have been able to learn from and find solace and healing in the voices and art of other survivors of sexual abuse and violence. Awakenings is such a valuable organization in terms of providing a platform for survivors’ voices and empowerment.

hands carve a block of wood. on a table are many sheets of paper with black ink on them.

Our New Workshop Partner


We are partnering with Embarc to bring high school students from around Chicago to the gallery for a day of healing through artmaking.

We are looking forward to growing this partnership over the school year and supporting Chicago’s high school students!