Texts reads "Welcome to the breathe room" in the background are bookshelves, two chairs, and a lamp

Welcome. This space is designed for you to reconnect with your breath, to give yourself space to observe thoughts or step away from thoughts and feelings, or to engage with your own creativity.  
We welcome you to explore options for meditation, for listening, for grounding, for trying your own creative gestures, or for finding resources for help. Scroll through the page or just hang out for awhile. 


by Kaleigh Michelle Mattson | KALEIGH MICHELLE MATTSON is a freelance musician, director, and visual artist, residing in the south suburbs of Chicago.  She is excited to be part of Gallery of Sounds, and to share some of her original works with you.  Her music is inspired by her journey to heal after surviving sexual trauma and assault, and the works she is sharing are from a song cycle she is working on called METAMORPHOSIS, which is a musical reflection on a decade of a journey of healing from sexual trauma.  She was last seen at Awakening's Songs of Survival event in May 2019. Outside of writing and playing music, Kaleigh loves directing theatre projects, teaching, painting, hiking, rescuing animals, and cooking plant-based food. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube @lifewithkale . 

When negative feelings surface or are activated, it can be incredibly difficult to find our way to ease. Use this Bingo Exercise as a way to take steps to deescalate your feelings and find peace. These ideas range from things you can do quickly to things that might take a bit more time. You can adapt any of these to fit what you have on hand or what you need in this moment. Try to hit a Bingo!

Unstructured Time can be an uncomfortable experience. Especially if we are diving into it with activated emotions. We can build skills and awareness around coping with and accepting unstructured time by reflecting on the benefits and importance of having unstructured time. Remember: Not every crisis is a learning opportunity, but maybe you can use this time to hone the skill of managing unstructured time. Download this Unstructured Time Gratitude Worksheet or use it as a journal prompt as a way to practice gratitude, process emotions, and adapt to our life’s current changes.