(Ma ma) sleeps         

with a knife   

under her pillow  

(her dreams are                  

(safer than mines)            

I grabbed a butter           

knife, put it  inside           

my pillowcase              

dreamed a man        

climbed inside

my window     

climbed inside my               

body dreamed a man                                                       

kissed me on                                                      

my thing, kissed me                                           

it’ll be okay,  

dreamed I reached        

for my knife,         

put shaky                                                   

fingers underneath                                                  

the pillowcase and                       

felt nothing.                                                 

the knife slipped                                                  

from the case,                       

laid on the floor

next to  me

wonder if the thump           

woke mama

wonder if she

heard my skin                





Starr Davis is a poet from Columbus, Ohio currently residing in New York City as an MFA Candidate in Creative Writing at City College of New York. Her poetry has been published in Kalyani Magazine, Rigorious Magazine, Lipstickparty Magazine, and The Promethean. She works as a Creative Writing Mentor for Writopia. She lives in the Bronx, NY.