Visual Art

Awakenings runs a beautiful gallery space that showcases rotating exhibits featuring art made by survivors of sexual violence. Our staff is trained to provide a safe, compassionate, and healing-informed professional arts experience to survivors from the moment they submit their work, to the moment they take it off the walls. If you are a visual artist, you can submit examples of your work for inclusion in our gallery, one of our exhibits, or one of our events by clicking the button below. 

Current Exhibits


Fall 2020- Winter 2021

We are so excited to announce our new virtual exhibit, Bloom! On October 23rd, we will debut our five artists’ work that is centered on the impact trauma has on sexuality, consent, and sex ed. Through ceramic sculpture, painting, and fiber art, we dive into what it means to be a survivor and how one interacts with sexuality and the world at large.


Summer 2020- Present

Legacy is a virtual exhibition that looks at survivor art through a historical lens. In this exhibit, members of the Awakenings community act as our docents to guide us through our Permanent Collection by sharing their modern interpretations and responses to the work.

Previous Exhibits

A Stirring

Jan – May 2020

Our spring exhibit, A Stirring, explores the internal landscape of a survivor – visiting the spaces where anger, pain, myth, truth, joy, and renewal coexist. Through photography, paint, film, and mixed media, A Stirring takes us on a journey through each of the emotions that stir after experiencing trauma. By breaking their silence through visual expression, the artists show us how the internal landscape of survivors is constantly shifting. In sharing, something begins to move. Something is unearthed. Something begins to heal.


Oct 2019 – Jan 2020

This summer, we hosted a workshop where attendees transformed undergarments and other personal items of clothing into paper. Witnessing the transition from private objects to bold, artistic expression set the foundation for our theme of reclaimation.  For the artists in this exhibition, to reclaim is to heal.  Many of the pieces now bear little resemblance to their original form.  Underwear has become paper, has become text. Sappy romance novels have been destroyed until they uncover hidden narratives. From shredding fabric to erasing text, the destruction of the original form is liberating.


June – Sep 2019

[Upheaval] wove together striking artwork from four artists to show how the violence of sexual assault throws a person into turbulence, into violent change, and how their deepest internal layers become warped. The beauty and grit, the warm mixed with cold, and the soft materials mixed with sharp objects in each artist’s work shrouded the viewer in the swirling experience of surviving sexual violence and the upheaval it causes.

Healing Generations

Spring 2019

This exhibit explored ofrendas as an artistic expression of hope, home, and personal truths that are often silenced across generations, cultures, and gender lines. These ofrendas offered deeply symbolic and sacred understanding around difficult pasts, the present, and show us what hope for tomorrow looks like through the creators’ eyes. Collectively, the ofrendas wove a narrative threading the artists’ individual experience to a present journey they are initiating together to the dismantle the systemic oppression that leads to gender-based violence. Healing Generations reached through the past to reclaim the sacred and reaches to the future to offer hope and healing.