My life became pure fiction
A statistic of
Whether I can show my legs
I have to remind myself it wasn’t my legs
That were touched
My chest is covered in fingerprints instead
Turtlenecks can be warm
And in heat I am safe
Sometimes under running water
I’m scared to touch my own body
I no longer have the right to call it
My own
What does that even mean
I own nothing
But the empty air
And a few too many ghosts
If you’re growing quiet right now
It’s okay, I am too
I regret saying nothing
I regret saying anything
Is there an in between of screaming and silence
I long for that


Raina Greifer began exploring writing as a form of therapeutic release while dealing with anxiety and depression. She uses poetry and playwriting to explore her own personal traumas, relationships, and identity. Most of her writing focuses on mental health, heartbreak, and sexual assault, using sporadic word choice and writing through a stream of consciousness form. Her ultimate goal is to develop a personal connection to the reader and expose her own vulnerabilities for the sake of allowing others to feel less alone. She self publishes her writing and visual art on, an art collective she founded with the purpose of giving young artists exposure, and has also had pieces published on