Visual Art

Awakenings runs a beautiful gallery space that showcases rotating exhibits featuring art made by survivors of sexual violence. Our staff is trained to provide a safe, compassionate, and healing-informed professional arts experience to survivors from the moment they submit their work, to the moment they take it off the walls.

If you are a visual artist, you can submit examples of your work for inclusion in our gallery, one of our exhibits, or one of our events by clicking the button below.

Current Exhibit: A Stirring

Our spring exhibit, A Stirring, explores the internal landscape of a survivor – visiting the spaces where anger, pain, myth, truth, joy, and renewal coexist. Through photography, paint, film, and mixed media, A Stirring take us on a journey through each of the emotions that stirs after experiencing trauma. By breaking their silence through visual expression, the artists show us how the internal landscape of survivors is constantly shifting. In sharing, something begins to move. Something is unearthed. Something begins to heal.