Literary Art

Our literary magazine, Awakened Voices, provides an opportunity for survivors, secondary survivors, and allies to heal through writing. Submissions come from all over the country and world, and our staff provides supportive and healing feedback to writers. Awakened Voices and our blog, The Nightingale, aim to challenge public perceptions of sexual violence by leaning into nuanced aspects of survival and healing. 

Awakened Voices Magazine

Awakenings publishes a digital literary magazine, Awakened Voices, as an avenue of creative healing to survivors who prefer to do so through memoir, poetry, essay, and more. The magazine is an outlet for survivors from all over the world to share their stories and be a part of the Awakenings community. 

The Nightingale

Awakenings’ blog, The Nightingale, is an extension of the Awakened Voices magazine and provides a platform for even more writers to share their voices. The blog shares various categories of work including reviews, resources, fiction, nonfiction/memoir, and essay.