Every time I have the privilege of installing art or being in a workshop with Alex my spirit is lifted. Every material she works with becomes a vessel of healing and truth. Her current work in Awakenings’ gallery, Hilos (Threads), inspires me and our audience to connect the threads and heal relationships within our families. She is able to use a single thread to show generations of strength and healing through connection. I am inspired by her warm curiosity of life, art, and how she lifts other artists.

Jeri Frederickson

Creative Director

Question: How has art impacted your healing journey?

Answer: Art heals, for me as a child I was very lonely growing up in two cultures (Mexican/American) and when dealing with difficult situaions art helps me cope with it. Dealing with my grandmother’s loss was difficult, art was my outlet.

Q: What is your connection to art and art making? How has it served you in your life?

A: Dealing with loss of my grandmother, who I was very close to, creating work that reflects my cultural traditions, my experiences as a minority woman. But also as a tool to help different causes that I care about, such as rescued animals and to give women a voice.

What do you hope people who see or experiencce your art walk away with?

A: That we can are not so different from each other, telling my story perhaps give a voice to those who feel they don’t or are scared to do so.

Q: What has your connection to/relationship with Awakenings been like? 

A: I have shown my work for different art shows and participated in workshops [at Awakenings.] I love how welcoming and supporting this organization is to all women. I feel safe, a sisterhood.

Q: How do you think the work of Awakenings serves survivors & allies alike? 

A: This a safe and loving place, a sisterhood, no judgement. They listen, understand where we come from and support all women. I think we can connect and feel free to be ourselves.

Q: Why do you think the mission of Awakenings is important? How does making visible the artistic expression of survivors impact our community at large?

A: Many women need spaces like this, to find support and safety, we create a network of support. [We can] know its ok to express what we have gone through, and through art, courage. The women that I have met here are so courageous and I feel freer to be able to express more freely and work on myself. How wonderful if more organizations focus on healing and mental health.

Alex’s piece “Hielos” currently being shown in RECLAIM.

Photo by: Taylor Dalton