once upon a time

i watched and waited

as mother sewed,

her nimble fingers stitching the

last now one, two, three

stitches, and then she

draped it,

finished, lovingly around

my shoulders, kissed me

on the cheek, and pulled

up the hood.

“When you are in the woods,

daughter, always wear the hood up.”

my name is Katharine. not red.

nor riding hood.

i skipped into the heart

of the forest that day

wearing the red she chose

instead of the green

i really wanted-

distracted by picking

delicate white flowers-

sniffing their aroma,

pushing the hood

back only for a moment.

from behind

a familiar voice-

“Where are you going little girl?”

i turned around slowly-

dropping my flowers.

he towered over

me as I looked up

his teeth, so white-so sharp,

his nostrils, quivering

he stepped closer,

i inched back,

pulling my hood up,

saying, just above a whisper,

“To grandmother’s house.”

i wanted to run-

but I didn’t.

he nodded, confident

sly, bowing politely

licking his lips, waving goodbye

as he hurried away-

anxious to get to grandmother

first- the appetizer before

the main meal


i felt the small axe

tied to my waist-

a gift from grandmother

for my eighth birthday-

its handle smooth

its blade sharp

i gripped it tightly

under my cape

as i innocently walked

through her front door.

“The better to see you with my dear…”










i couldn’t move.

i couldn’t see.

silenced by his dark belly-

but i found the axe,

chop, chop, chop

using it to create

my own space,

cutting through the thick walls

escaped, emerged-

born again.

I killed the wolf.

And grandmother followed me to freedom.

The scars from his bite have become a deeply carved cavern, an empty bowl capable of collecting rainwater.






Shattered pieces. Shards of glass. Tucked away inside. Until.
Until words and photographs provided her a path to healing.
Now she is bold and insistent. She will not be stopped.
Her name – Danese Grandfield – a Woman, a Mother, a Grandmother, a Writer, a Photographer, and so much more she is discovering each day.
Her hope- to shed light into the darkness and pain carried by those who have experienced sexual trauma. And to simply share love, which never, ever, fails.