Awakenings has been breaking taboos and sharing stories since its inception in 2010. At first, the gallery space was dedicated to the ever-growing permanent collection of artwork by individual survivors. At its formal opening in the Fall of 2010 as Awakenings Foundation, we included our first performance offerings of readings by survivors. Over the next few years, gallery performances included poetry readings, workshops, and panel discussions.

As the number and types of art featured at the gallery continued to grow, space was created for the inclusion of individual art exhibitions, including its first curated group show entitled “Graphic Relief.”

In May of 2015, The Awakenings Foundation began publishing Awakened Voices, an online magazine devoted to the literary expression of survivors of sexual violence. It is now published twice a year.

Awakenings’ long-awaited first musical offerings began in the Spring of 2016, and have since expanded to a twice-yearly concert series entitled “Songs of Survival.” Musical programs include original works composed and performed by survivors, as well as other forms of musical expression relating to our mission.

In the Spring of 2018, Awakenings Foundation became Awakenings and began a remodel of the gallery and office space thanks to the huge generosity of Designs For Dignity. Awakenings saw its first writing workshop and plans to continue expanding this offering.

Currently, Awakenings hosts art-making workshops, Reiki clinics, a twice-yearly concert series, and a rotating schedule of additional artistic and performance events which showcase the songs, stories and artwork of survivors of sexual violence.

“I have a voice. It wants to be heard. It needs to be heard. And it has a right to be heard.”

 – Awakenings Artist