Legacy Exhibit

Legacy is a virtual exhibition that looks at survivor art through a historical lens. In this exhibit, members of the Awakenings community act as our docents to guide us through our Permanent Collection by sharing their modern interpretations and responses to the work. Legacy is a living exhibit, meaning that new pieces & docent responses will be added on a weekly basis through September 4th. 

Temporary Gallery Closure

Given the magnitude of COVID-19, we have decided to close the gallery for the time being to help keep our team & community safe. Subscribe to our newsletter & follow us on social media to stay informed about our virtual offerings!

Issue 10 of Awakened Voices: Intention for Change is out now!

Awakened Voices is proud to present the 10th issue of our online literary magazine, Intention for Change. This issue examines the internal intentions that can begin to spark change in an individual or community. The artists of issue 10 explore intentions for personal change, shifts in perspective on past actions, changes in perception of their physical self, and shifts in the way they perceive the choices of others. Readers are invited to challenge their understanding of the past and reexamine the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Awakenings Presents: Care Packages

With so much darkness and uncertainty surrounding us, we want to create something that brings art and healing directly to our community. Care Packages is a newsletter series that shares our collection of past and present survivor artwork paired with small ways to care for yourself. Every Monday morning, you’ll get a newsletter with an offering from either our literary, visual, or performance branches and an artistic self-care activity for you to do at home. We hope these Care Packages inspire you to express yourself artistically and create light in your daily lives.

A Reading Night with Awakened Voices

In this second Reading Night for Issue 10 of Awakened Voices: INTENTION FOR CHANGE, we highlighted writers from the special “Embodying Justice,” section of the issue. This section focuses on the survivors of state sanctioned violence (“comfort women”) enacted by the Japanese Military during WWII. The writers in this section explore art as a powerful tool for both reflecting on past trauma and setting intentions for enacting internal and external change.