I was Doomed from the day of conception
Poisoned while still in the womb

Lost my cherry to daddy at 4
He’d creep in my room every night
My brother took my body to explore
Pushed face to the wall pulling out strands of my hair my cousin would use the back door
Put my hand on his cock said my uncle jerk it harder more
My father’s best friend oh he was a gem with his hand on my throat and filling my vagina just to
remove them with his tongue
The kid I sat for. Mother’s boyfriend
Tried to gut me to fuck me from within.
From every direction they came
Every orifice and more they would entertain and abuse
I did learn young. About reprieves
when I said I need to pee
My bathroom now my sanctuary
Get over it? Forget? Move on?
My body they did take
My strength. My soul.
I would not let go. Never let them see me cry.
Insomnia. Distrust. insecurities. Low worth. Short temper. Always waiting for the other shoe to
drop. My list is long.
Sex, sounds, smells, a phrase, a look, flashbacks yes for all.
I fight every day to live my life.
To breath. To ignore my fear.
To push forward. To not lash out.
To not give in.
Clock watching is it time to go home
Where I can breathe.
Suicide was never an option.
I am strong. I’ve done nothing wrong
I stand on my own two feet.
I have won.
Me you could never defeat.


Patricia Richardson’s story bio:

For 14 years I was tortured and abused

An incest survivor. Rape survivor I am.

SURVIVOR not taken lightly.

I never let them see me cry

I never gave in. I fought and showed defiance.

I believe that’s what made me strong.

A single mother with 2 grounded happy successful children

Now a retired 57-year-old

Who owned my own successful interior design company.

My writing helps me breathe.heal.stay strong.

Thank you

For reading my story poem