Awakened Voices Serialized

We now publish longer forms of writing in editions or episodes over the course of several months. These longer bits of a story building on itself over the course of a year to give our readers even more to engage with and will give us an enjoyable episodic way to publish writers who have more to offer than we typically accept and publish in this magazine. We kicked this off in 2018 with Founder Jean Cozier’s biography and memoir.

We are excited to announce our second serialization will be released bimonthly from November 2018 through May 2019!

Gifts from her Table

Awakened Voices invites you into another episodic story as we continue to serialize stories of healing, of survival, and continue to give the microphone and spotlight to survivors in Gifts from her Table by Bobbie Groth. On November 8th, 2018 we began this four part story. A timely and timeless story of friends, of mentors, of hardship and survival, this story shines a light through our broken world to encourage us out into the light to heal. We fell in love with Carol and Bobbie and felt their healing, their laughter, and their humanity wash over us as we read Groth’s telling of this beautiful story. As writer Bobbie Groth says, “We survivors need to know that people like her exist, and that we, the walking wounded, are welcome in their lives, and by walking with them, we experience another profound kind of healing.”

We finish with the final episode on May 8, 2019!

Image by Bobbie Groth

An Introduction

By Bobbie Groth

For a long time ABUSE in big red explosively terrifying letters was the first thing that fired up every morning on the desktop of my mind’s computer as I wakened—bad memories, body terrors, the overwhelming fear that I would never be truly alive again, or guilt that my history somehow damned everything I touched. Abusers had been part of my life intermittently since I was a year old.

I got therapy for myself and I began to get stronger as I made my way through that soul-mess not created by me.  I went on with the “life” part of my life. Then I had the amazing experience of a healing friendship with someone during the years I worked as an educator and pastoral counselor with survivors of abuse.  Carol once told me that, “As far as I know, I’ve never been abused,” and I remember my head snapping around to stare at her, because at that time, I couldn’t imagine that a person who had NOT had the experience of abuse could offer the depth of understanding that Carol did to people like me, who had.  Silly me. Just as people are what make our trauma, only people can help us unmake it.

After several decades of writing for the movement against violence against women and children, as I wandered towards retirement and took up my love of writing for ME again, my thoughts kept circling back to how important my friend Carol was to me, and how we both agreed that everyone who does survival does it from the ground up. It started to come out by itself—writing about my relationship with her—a person who was a lantern for so many in the long dark tunnel of survival and healing. She certainly was a shining light for me.

I am profoundly grateful to have found Awakenings and their willingness to share Carol with even more survivors and those who love them. We survivors need to know that people like her exist, and that we, the walking wounded, are welcome in their lives, and by walking with them, we experience another profound kind of healing.

Carol Seaver and Bobbie Groth

Dear Judith: A Portait released from Winter to Fall 2018

Thank you to all our readers for getting to know Jean and Judith. For traveling with us on our first Serialization journey.
Dear Judith is available in full for purchase in print at the gallery or online.