Literary Art

Awakenings is proud to offer multiple online spaces of creative healing where both readers and writers can find solace in a community of survivors sharing not just their stories, but their deepest and most complex emotions about trauma. Our literary magazine, Awakened Voices, and blog, The Nightingale, connect survivors and challenge public perceptions of sexual violence by leaning into some of the most taboo and uncomfortable topics so often unwelcome in the media.

If you are interested in sharing your story in writing, you can submit examples of your work for inclusion in our magazine or blog by clicking the button below.

Awakened Voices Magazine

Awakenings publishes a digital literary magazine, Awakened Voices, as an avenue of creative healing to survivors who prefer to do so through memoir, poetry, essay, and more. The magazine is an outlet for survivors from all over the world to share their stories and be a part of the Awakenings community. Follow the link below to browse previous issues of the magazine.

The Nightingale

Awakenings’ blog, The Nightingale, is an extension of the Awakened Voices magazine and provides a platform for even more writers to share their voices. Writing in the blog compliments the magazine and pieces are published biweekly, every month of the year. The categories for submissions include reviews, resources, fiction, nonfiction/memoir, and essay. Follow the link below to browse previous blog posts.